Community management

We have the best prices in the market thanks to partnership agreements with leading companies, which makes us very competitive because of the volume, generating economies of scale.

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Services we provide to our communities

  • The Community Constitution and legalization of Book of Acts.
  • Obtaining the CIF Community Finance.
  • Billing fees and issuing receipts.
  • Custody of documents and books of the Community.
  • accounting management accounts in the Community.
  • Tabulated bank.
  • Making accounting reports.
  • accounting closures
  • Clothing and sending calls to the Boards.
  • Attendance at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Writing and sending owners of the Proceedings of the Boards.
  • Claim to defaulters and management of receipts returned. We are specialist in recovering debts delinquent owners, having a very competent legal team. The Community has to make provisions for the payment order, demanding from the cost of the process, the debtor owner.
  • Permanent updating of the database of the Community.
  • Answering calls and emergencies.
  • We represent the Community, to government agencies and others
  • Search budgets for basic services in the Community, in order to reduce the cost of it.
  • Procurement of services and supplies agreed in General Meeting.
  • Preparation of debt certificates and others.
  • Legalization of Minutes Book at the end of the previous.
  • Free property advice for owners (purchase, sale, rental ...).
  • Modulo web, in which the owners of the community, will be able to report incidents, accidents, check balances spending income, household contributions, consult documentation Community


  • Improve and streamline the needs of the community, achieving great satisfaction by the customer.
  • Maintain and increase the value of the properties which we manage
  • Improve the quality and price of services Communities
  • Modernize the sector Property Administration
  • Get surplus and can offer affordable fees to the owners, by charging all debts.
  • Absolute transparency and rigor in the management of the Community.


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