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Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit ?, Are you tired of relying on your heads ?, you Want to earn more money ?, managing your time Open a franchise!

The support of a franchise network, experience in real estate, professionalism we can offer will make you a successful trader. Visibility on the Internet, added the service of the owners, ongoing counseling services will provide the franchise from the first opening day products. Your customers will know you as professional rental figure is needed every day.

Contact us right now and open your franchising

1) Who said that a franchise is expensive?

With you can start your business experience in a short time and with a very economical investment. Contact us and we'll find out in a few days and with little money and your office will be open to the public

2) offices coddle you

The famous know-how ( "know how" to do), the operating method Why choose Because no previous experience needed. We take care to train each of the holders of the office. We offer a set of services, institutional advertising, real estate management software, legal and legal advice, internet website, specific documentation to be a true professional etc.

3) Don't you have a local? We'll help you find it!

Don't you have experience in real estate? Don't you know where to open and / or how to find a suitable location? We help you!! closed according to leading companies and experts expanding franchise companies, therefore, access to suitable premises is a help we can offer. Local Features: - Between 30 and 90 m2, with a minimum of two operating positions for the activity. It must be located in a commercial street of heavy pedestrian traffic at street level and with at least one window. There is also possibility open in mezzanines, but the savings on the rental price, has to be compulsorily invested in more advertising

4) geographic exclusivity

Alquilotucasa give each franchisee the choice of an exclusive area that will remain for the duration of the contract of commercial affiliation.

5) Services added regarding real estate "traditional"

Garantiadelalquiler is a cornerstone of the franchise, seeing that meets all possible features to give the owners peace of mind.

6) Be disclosed

A big advantage that makes us save a lot of time today is the Internet. From your own office you will manage your daily contacts and the website will be the reference of your independent business. In addition has already increased visibility by the presence in many specialized portals in the real estate sector. As well as agreements with Internet portals for vacation periods (same service offered by a hotel) and will soon have presence in foreign portals

7) Software

Each franchisee, thanks to the software used by, will have an integrated management of the agency. It is a tool that allows a common database for all franchisees, inside and outside Spain. The software provides the ability to automatically cross the landlord and tenant data without having to do it manually; It is a great advantage in being able to offer qualified property search. There will be the possibility of significantly increasing the turnover due to the fact that can automatically dump on various internet portals each home loaded in the software, without having to do it individually (that is losing much of our precious time).


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